To Receive Services

We serve families living in Ashland or Talent and surrounding rural areas with 97520 or 97540 zip code.

Signing up to receive food from the Ashland Community Food Bank is easy! Just come to 560 Clover Lane with a photo ID and proof of your address. If neither your Driver's License nor State ID contain your current address, please bring a piece of recent mail that does. You will need to have this each time you visit the ACFB. For un-housed shoppers, for your first visit you will receive a 'Visitor Bag', and if you are still in town after 30 days, you can begin shopping monthly. We will accept out of State IDs from our homeless shoppers, or even no ID until you acquire one.  We'll see you at the Food Bank!


We are open  9:30am-12:30pm - Monday through Friday and every 3rd Saturday.

Weather Closure Practices
Severe winter weather can effect services.  We follow the lead of the Ashland School District to determine safety of travel for our clients and volunteers. If the schools have closed due to weather, we are also closed.  If they have a delay, we are delayed in opening with modified hours of 10:30am-12:30pm.  Here is a link to the Ashland School District website.

If there is hazardous weather while schools are closed for vacation, please call us to find out if we are open.  If we are closed, there will be a voice message indicating closure.


Other Resources:

Free Meals - New Schedule and Locations

As you have heard by now - the Free Meal Program is changing.


Monday Meals

4:00 Weigh Station
(Hwy 99 & Valley View)
4:20 Ashland Ck Park
4:40 Lithia Bandshell
5:00 Mistletoe Rd.
(at Tolman Creek Rd.)

Contact Cathy at


Uncle Food's Diner

4:00 PM
Lithia Park Gazebo
Winburn Way

Contact Peace House


Potluck on the Plaza

5:00 PM
26 N. Main St.
(Bring something to
share if you can!)


Jobs with Justice

4:00 PM
Lithia Park Gazebo
Winburn Way

Contact Jason


Jobs with Justice

4:00 PM
Lithia Park Gazebo
Winburn Way


Ashland BIPoC Sanctuary

12:00 - 2:00 PM
Ashland Library
410 Siskiyou Blvd.
Guanajuato Rm (Downstairs)


Komack Soup

5:00 PM
Lithia Park Gazebo
Winburn Way

Ashland / Talent Resource List