Partnerships Make It Happen

The Ashland Community Food Bank actively collaborates with organizations to ensure food security. By supplying ample nourishment, the Food Bank plays a critical role in fostering a supportive network to address hunger and distribute essential resources. Through community-driven efforts, the Food Bank aims to positively impact well-being by providing sufficient and nutritious food for all.

Who We Provide To 

The Ashland Community Food Bank is actively fostering strong relationships to address the diverse needs of our community. Dedicated to establishing an inclusive community, the Food Bank ensures that individuals of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds can rely on access to nourishing meals. 


Satellite Pantries

We are pleased to provide food through other
channels within our community.

  • Ashland Public Library
  • Ashland Senior Center
  • First Presbyterian Free Little Pantry 
  • SOU Pantry 

Meal Production

The Ashland Community Food Bank helps to sustain independent Ashland organizations who prepare hot meals on a nightly basis. 

Food to Our Schools

We supply our schools with resources for students experiencing food insecurity. 

  • Ashland High School
  • Ashland Middle School
  • Ashland Elementary Schools - Powerpack Backpack Program 
  • Head Start - Ashland

Who Provides To Us

The Ashland Community Food Bank is dedicated to sustainability and minimizing food waste through partnerships with providers offering short-dated, but perfectly good items. By doing so, we ensure quality food does not go to waste and reaches those in need within our community. This proactive approach not only aligns with our mission to address food insecurity, but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious food distribution system. 

Ashland Rotary Garden

In 2023, the Ashland Rotary garden produced over 6000 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables!